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Revenge of the Nerd

2008-09-19 22:11:10 by Koalafish

Hey everyone, hows it going?

Been a while since I've updated this. Well I just wanted you all to watch this video me and my friends made for multimedia earlier in the year, which I finally got around to putting it up.

Its about a nerd getting bullied by a bully then gets back at him. I play the leading role of the nerd.

Heres some information that our JaP fan might find interesting. The bully in this is Nigel, who the landlord in ep 2 is based on. Also the guy Samuel, who plays numerous roles, is who the Salad Fingers like character in ep 3.

EDIT: The video won't seem to work so heres a link to it


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2008-09-19 22:13:45

Check the embed. Sounds cool, though.

Koalafish responds:

working on it, i left a link though


2008-09-19 23:12:49

Haha that's pretty cool.

Wish my school had something like that.

Koalafish responds:

Multimedia was the best lesson, we got to mess around with flash in term one then in term two we made movies. Too bad I no longer have it anymore


2008-09-19 23:18:40

Really? Hmmm....well we have flash for webdesign but I dont think we are going to be doing anything major or fun with it.

Nothing with video that I know of though....

By the way you have a nice school, high ceilings and big windows. Mine are small windowless jail cells.

Koalafish responds:

Haha our schools pretty old, it turns 100 next week!

Thats a bummer that you won't really get to use flash well or make videos. Every school should have multimedia, its a bludge fun lesson!


2008-09-19 23:35:19

Alec was born for the role.

Koalafish responds:



2008-10-03 22:58:10

Go to my userpage... you know you wants to.... so much. ;3

Koalafish responds:

Strangely enough, I was thinking of doing something like that for the sake of it the other day but I never got around to end


2008-10-08 02:24:55

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Koalafish responds:

Well I have been thinking of getting my penis enlarged


2008-10-12 10:01:24

Holly tells me you need one.

Koalafish responds:



2008-11-01 11:57:22

'.' uhm yeah

they shoulda chunked you in the dumpster =D